You have finally purchased those long-awaited tickets to the French-speaking country of your dream, when suddenly the reality of having to actually put your high-school French to use crosses your mind. Have no fear! Teach Me Français is happy to expand on existing knowledge or start from scratch to give you the basics for a fun, French adventure!

Our curriculum includes:


  • Understanding how to order food and drinks
  • General discussion about proper table etiquette (the French take this seriously!)
  • How restaurants work (meal times, etc.)

Getting Around

  • How to navigate French transportation
  • What to do in case of a “grève” or a transportation strike
  • How to ask for directions

Useful knowledge about European Travel

  • Explanation of the EU’s role in a trip to France
  • Simple, everyday phrases needed to be understood
  • Exploring lodging options

Speaking with the locals

  • Expanding on prior French knowledge
  • Giving you some go-to, relevant conversation starters