Travel & Study Abroad

You have finally purchased those long-awaited tickets to the French-speaking country of your dream, when suddenly the reality of having to actually put your high-school French to use crosses your mind. Have no fear! Teach Me Français is happy to expand on existing knowledge or start from scratch to give you the basics for a fun, French adventure!

Studying Abroad? Learn the ins-and-outs of the French higher education system. Get a crash course on confusing French handwriting and shortcuts so you feel confident from day 1 in your new French university. We’ll also teach you how to adapt your American writing style to the classic French rédaction and naviguate the notorious bureaucracy of French university.

Our curriculum includes:


  • Understanding how to order food and drinks
  • General discussion about proper table etiquette (the French take this seriously!)
  • How restaurants work (meal times, etc.)

Getting Around

  • How to navigate French transportation
  • What to do in case of a “grève” or a transportation strike
  • How to ask for directions

Useful knowledge about European Travel

  • Explanation of the EU’s role in a trip to France
  • Simple, everyday phrases needed to be understood
  • Exploring lodging options

Speaking with the locals

  • Expanding on prior French knowledge
  • Giving you some go-to, relevant conversation starters