In this track, the tutors at Teach Me Français will work with you to develop your ease with French speaking and writing. We will teach you many ways to express similar ideas and broaden your personal word bank so you feel comfortable to engage in normal French conversations.

Private French lessons for intermediate & advanced students with a focus on attaining fluency through conversation. Emphasis is placed on pronunciation, grammar, body language, culture.

Learning a language is a dynamic and multi-faceted experience. Fluent speaking and interaction involves history, culture, and politics. Your school education has given you a strong foundation on which to build. You know the basics. Let me fill in the gaps.

Lessons will focus on verbal and written fluency through:

  • Conversation
  • YouTube
  • Pop Culture
  • Contemporary literature
  • Journaling
  • Letter writing
  • Radio and News
  • Buzzfeed France
  • Music
  • Your own hobbies & interests!

Depending on your proficiency level, you can choose to focus on just one of the above subject areas or you can opt for a more comprehensive approach.


  • Grammar
    • Verb tenses
    • Rules of French
  • Punctuation
  • Registers of French
    • Spoken vs. Written
    • Formal vs. Informal


  • Pronunciation
    • French vs. English
      • Similarities and differences
    • “text-to-speech”
  • Speech patterns
  • Prosody
  • Intonation


  • Body language & hand gestures
  • Age-appropriate language
  • Fixed-situational phrases
  • Slang
  • Language Registers
  • Written vs. spoken French
  • Handwriting
    • “Majuscule” & cursive
    • Numbers


  • History of France
  • History of the French language
  • Etiquette & politesse
    • Talking about money
  • Forming friendships in France
  • Using a French AZERTY keyboard