French for Business

Teach Me Français will help adapt your company’s culture and management styles to your Francophone counterparts in order to ensure smooth integration and efficient workflow despite the cultural variances that can often create conflict or hinder success in international environments.

We will create a custom language and culture plan for your situation to have you proficient in business language and intercultural savoir; emphasis is placed on company structure, communication styles, formality, persuasion, and creating successful presentations.

Whether you are a business launching into France sending employees abroad or a single worker working Francophones, understanding the complex cultural intricacies of French business is the key to success.


  • Hierarchy
    • Strong hierarchical systems
    • Harshly defined roles and strata
    • Different methods to communicate with people below, at, and above your level
  •  Context
    • Rich context
    • Tailor your presentation and communication methods to fit a less explicit model of interaction
  • Formality and Etiquette
    • Defined formulas of formality paired with different hierarchies
    • Introduce yourself using proper form
    • Personal vs. Business relationships
    • Written vs. Spoken French​
  • Argumentation
    • French hierarchy, context, and formality means that presenting ideas is different
    • Learn effective persuasion techniques for French clients
  • Vocabulary
    • Essential business terminology to recognize (and use)
  • Restaurant culture
    • Eating with your office is a cultural must
    • Know how to order
    • Understand proper table etiquette (the French take this seriously!)