Our Story

In 2013, we found ourselves navigating the college life with this underlying fear that our love of French would not be enough to make the grades demanded by the rigor of a university-level French course. To our surprise, our French not only fit in with our classmates, but we found that our education had well-prepared us for the courses we had perceived to be much more challenging. This led us to several questions such as, why did our preconceptions lead us to believe that a University would demand a higher level language comprehension? Why do they not anticipate their students knowledge of a foreign language to be higher? Why are American language courses overall fairly inadequate compared to so many other countries where bilingualism is the norm?
We are setting out to change that with our joint tutoring company: Teach Me Français. Our curriculum aims to prepare our students in a format that does not exist in a traditional classroom setting. Our lessons focus on verbal and written fluency through conversation, reading of literature and news, movies, music, pronunciation training, journaling, and letter writing. Depending on your proficiency level, you can choose to follow one of our constructed tracks or express your personal interests to us for a comprehensive, personalized track just for you!