French for Business

As one of the most important, widely-spoken languages on the planet, we understand having proficiency in French can be a real advantage for your career.

French business culture for companies and professionals working in a French context or with French clients. Emphasis is placed on company structure, context, formality, persuasion, presentations.

Whether you are a business launching into France sending employees abroad or a single worker working Francophones , understanding the complex cultural intricacies of French business is the key to success.


  • Hierarchy
    • Strong hierarchical systems
    • Harshly defined roles and strata
    • Different methods to communicate with people below, at, and above your level
  •  Context
    • Rich context
    • Tailor your presentation and communication methods to fit a less explicit model of interaction
  • Formality and Etiquette
    • Defined formulas of formality paired with different hierarchies
    • Introduce yourself using proper form
    • Personal vs. Business relationships
    • Written vs. Spoken French​
  • Argumentation
    • French hierarchy, context, and formality means that presenting ideas is different
    • Learn effective persuasion techniques for French clients
  • Vocabulary
    • Essential business terminology to recognize (and use)
  • Restaurant culture
    • Eating with your office is a cultural must
    • Know how to order
    • Understand proper table etiquette (the French take this seriously!)