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Bespoke French language & culture consulting

Business consulting for professionals working in Francophone markets
& with French-speaking clients.
Private French lessons for intermediate & advanced language students.

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Whether you’re trying to land that big contract, ace your next exam, travel the world, or parler comme un français, we know what it takes to get you there.

Learning French is not a cookie-cutter experience. So, Teach Me Français offers a series of specialized tracks that match your French language and culture needs.

French for Business


Travel & Study Abroad

 Full Fluency

Need something different? Since we create our teaching materials, we can offer totally custom language learning for everything in between!

The ‘TMF’ Difference

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Like a thumbprint, no two clients are the same.
Everyone we work with has unique goals, experiences, and perspectives.

It’s our goal to bring students to a full, natural, and native level of linguistic and cultural awareness through individualized and highly-customizable lessons.

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Shouldn’t language learning be as unique as you are?


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Bradley has been speaking French since 2007 ; he now has a C2 native-level of fluency and a near-native accent. Bradley holds a Bachelor’s degree in French, linguistics, and archaeology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a certificate in French Linguistics from La Sorbonne in Paris, and a Master’s degree in intercultural business and French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Emilee is a long-time speaker of French since 2008.  She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chapaign where she also received her Master’s degree in European Union Studies. Emilee studied phonetics and second language acquisition at La Sorbonne in Paris while simultaneously working for a non-profit organization as an interpreter.


The Teach Me Français blog is your key to a fully immersive language-learning experience without having to leave home. No French student should be ‘penalized’ because they can’t spend time abroad.

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With a new post each Friday, our weekly blog posts offer various resources to engage with French like you were living in a French-speaking country.

Happy Clients

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I received a lot of helpful in understanding the French work culture through Teach Me Français. I had recently taken over a large project in Europe where I had to interface with everyone from the upper-level management to the hourly operator. Understanding how to communicate effectively and how the French made decisions really gave me the edge in my project management. I also got specific feedback on the best way to present information and quickly gain consensus in emails and presentations. Advice on the softer skills including introductions, restaurant culture and appropriate small talk topics were very helpful when I was navigating relationships with my new French colleagues. With Teach Me Français’ services, the project was completed on time and under budget. Overall I would highly recommend Teach Me Français!

Meghan B.

Bradley was a wonderful tutor. He brought professionalism and real-world knowledge of French to our sessions.

Ruby B.


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