It’s dangerous to assume that everyone knows and will conform to US business practices.

The French-speaking world is a complex organism with subtle, yet distinct differences from the US and its European neighbors. ‘Western’ culture is in no way a homogenous entity; blindly applying the management styles, marketing strategies, sales techniques, and HR practices (the list goes on!) practices that work so well for you in the US will likely get you in trouble abroad.

In a globalized market, it’s imperative that you actively adapt your business practices to meet the specific expectations of your intended markets.

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Simple translation isn’t enough. It must be paired with a fully-realized, contextualized understanding of your specific market and client base in order to be effective. After all, you wouldn’t cater to someone from New York City in the same way as a rural audience from the South West, for example. Why treat your international markets any differently?

We offer full-service localization services to maximize your impact and profits:

  • Contextualized Translation with a focus on native tone, register, and style
  • Copy Writing for focused content that doesn’t exist in your translated material
  • Project Management for: expanding into new markets, new products, new clients
  • Communication Audit to discern how your management style reflects the hierarchical expectations of your locale
  • HR Coaching for understanding how expectations relating to CVs, cover letters, and interviews vary
  • SEO Optimization
  • UX Front-End Frameworking
  • Write Copy that meets the expectations

You deserve a localization, globalization, and internationalization process that respects the unique identity of your business and products; your brand will still stay true to itself while adapting culture, management, sales, and communication styles to Francophone counterparts.

We adapt our services to reflect the intersection of your brand, your international market, and the culture of the specific regions and industries in which you work.

Why ‘TMF’

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Like a thumbprint, no two clients are the same.

Your French-speaking clientsemployeesmanagerspartners, and offices do not share one single cultural identity. They’re French, Belgian, Swiss, Luxembourgish, African, or Canadian. They’re individuals with different personalities and backgrounds. 

You deserve a localization, globalization, and internationalization process that appreciates this diversity and crafts a custom plan which will adapt your company’s culture, management, sales, and communication styles to Francophone counterparts in order to ensure smooth integration and efficient workflow despite the cultural variances that can often create conflict or hinder success in international environments.

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Private Lessons

Communication is one of the defining characteristics of the human experience.

When we tell someone a story or ask for directions, we’re not just using simple words; body language, inflection, timing, gestures, and cultural references are seamlessly intertwined to send a cohesive message to someone.

Because communication is so layered, we teach everything together, little by little. You will learn vocabulary, grammar, and verbs each lesson through exercises that strengthen reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Classic ‘classroom’ French doesn’t work because it uses stale, out-of-date textbooks which fail to contextualize information and present it in a dynamic way. So, we create our own teaching materials from current French resources like the news, movies, YouTube, Facebook posts, and novels.

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Verb tenses
Spoken vs. Written
Formal vs. Informal


Spoken French
Speech patterns


Ordering in a restaurant
Interacting with strangers
Using a French keyboard


Body language/gestures
French handwriting
Age-appropriate language

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About Us

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Bradley has been speaking French since 2007 ; he now has a C2 native-level of fluency and a near-native accent. Bradley holds a Bachelor’s degree in French, linguistics, and archaeology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a certificate in French Linguistics from La Sorbonne in Paris, and a Master’s degree in intercultural business and French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Emilee is a long-time speaker of French since 2008.  She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chapaign where she also received her Master’s degree in European Union Studies. Emilee studied phonetics and second language acquisition at La Sorbonne in Paris while simultaneously working for a non-profit organization as an interpreter.


The Teach Me Français blog is your key to a fully immersive language-learning experience without having to leave home. No French student should be ‘penalized’ because they can’t spend time abroad.

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With a new post each Friday, our weekly blog posts offer various resources to engage with French like you were living in a French-speaking country.

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Bradley patiently taught us a tailored set of key phases and words for our French travels. His approach was fun and helpful; we felt comfortable getting around and ordering food!

Nate & Sarah

Bradley was a wonderful tutor. He brought professionalism and real-world knowledge of French to our sessions.

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